Kruger National Park Best Accommodation

The Kruger National Park: The Best Accommodation Options for Your Budget

For many people, visiting the Kruger National Park is one of their bucket list items. Not only is it one of the popular tourist destinations in the country, but it also draws many visitors from other countries as well. Unfortunately, there is a general perception that the accommodation in the Kruger National Park is only for the well-heeled and rich tourists, but it is indeed possible to find accommodation that is good for your budget.

There are so many options to choose from and you will no doubt find something wonderful that will suit all your holiday needs. There are many rest camps situated throughout the Kruger Park, and accommodation is easy to find at one of these rest camps, but if you want to spoil yourself with a luxurious stay in the Kruger National Park, the best accommodation can be found at Lukimbi Safari Lodge.

Rest Camp Accommodation

If you plan to stay in one of the rest camps, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to Kruger National Park accommodation. Different rest camps offer different accommodation options, and these include something for every budget. If you are a keen camper, you can get some very good deals on one of the camping spots where you can pitch your tent on a ready-made raised platform, and share amenities, such as a kitchen and ablutions, with other fellow campers. This accommodation allows you to interact with others, so people often make new friends around campfires and while sharing cooking facilities. For those who like to camp, but prefer to be a bit more comfortable, there are tented camps. These are permanent tents and may include bathrooms and kitchenettes.

Rondawels and small cottages are also available for those on a budget, and these vary in terms of space, number of rooms, and amenities. There are also cottages that offer some of the best Kruger National Park accommodation for families, and these generally offer more comfort than the rondawels. The more upmarket guest cottages may cost a bit more, but they offer great value for money because they are private and fully equipped.

Privately Owned Safari Lodges

If you are into high-end accommodation, your most comfortable options include the privately owned safari lodges in the Kruger National Park. The best accommodation options include private suites with their own balconies overlooking watering holes, with some even including their own private swimming pools. Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the best options when it comes to luxurious Kruger Park accommodation, and here you will be able to immerse yourself in highly comfortable and relaxing surroundings. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, we are very serious about hospitality, and our welcoming staff and superb service will take you to new heights when it comes to comfort and setting.

All our suites have their own bathrooms and private decks from where you can watch the African wildlife coming in to quench their thirst at the end of the day, and the superior suites even have their own private swimming pools. Outdoor showers are provided and your package will include a range of activities, such as guided hiking tours and game drives. The catering is out of this world – our creative chefs use the best local produce and expertise to create cuisine that will satisfy the most discerning palate. We also stock some of the best wines in Africa in our private cellar.

If you are in search for some of the best accommodation in the Kruger National Park, Lukimbi Safari Lodge should be your establishment of choice. We pride ourselves on our high standards of hospitality, and we welcome couples, families, and children. Give us a call today to find out more about our accommodation packages in the Kruger National Park.