Our Kruger Concession

The luxury private experience of the Kruger National Park

Safari has long been in our blood. As a family with a genuine passion for the bush, we have spent more hours than we can recall exploring Africa’s vast untouched spaces.

South Africa is blessed with a rich diversity of wilderness areas, each unique in its own right. But when we stepped foot on this private concession in the southern area of the Kruger National Park 18 years ago, we knew we had found somewhere very special. We walked the entire 15000 hectare property and were struck by the beauty and diversity of the landscape, the life-giving water source of the Lwakahle River and the rich abundance of wildlife. Our connection to this sacred land was instant, and we were awarded custodianship of the concession in 2000, finalized in a moving ceremony with the South African National Parks Board where our presence was blessed by a minister and traditional elders (known as Sangomas).

We set about creating our own private safari experience within one of the planet’s most renowned protected areas. We planned and constructed an intricate 123km road network through the reserve, always mindful of the environment and traversed by just 6 safari vehicles at any given time. 15000 hectares is a significant space for the enjoyment of just 32 people, and this is ultimately what makes the Lukimbi experience unique. Ours is a private safari on an ancient land.