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A Blind Safari Experience!

Game Drives | 11 Aug 2021

A blind safari experience! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about my first safari for a blind guest, but I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself as a guide, to expand my comfort zone and also to focus more on your surroundings and senses. It makes you realise that seeing the animals …

Outdoor Safaris for Spring

Lukimbi | 28 Aug 2020

Ideas for Outdoor Safaris for Spring in the Kruger National Park and the Surroundings Spring is a great time in the Kruger National Park and the surrounding areas. New flowers are blooming, wildling babies are born, and the weather is ambient. While it can be quite hot during these months, it is still very acceptable …

We are travel ready

Lukimbi | 24 Aug 2020

It was with great excitement that when our president announced that lodge would be allowed to reopen. As yet Government hasn’t given us an exact date when we can open so in the interim Idube and Lukimbi are getting ready. While on lockdown much needed maintenance to the lodges was completed. In the case of …

Big five safari

Kruger Park Safari Lodge

Kruger National Park | 29 May 2020

Why You Should Plan Your Next Company Event at This Kruger National Park Safari Lodge Conferences, brainstorming sessions, and similar corporate events are great ways of getting similar minded people together to pool their knowledge and create new and exciting trajectories for the business or project in question. That said, no-one feels inspired by yet …

Lukimbi Under Lock Down

Game Drives | 26 May 2020

When our President declared a state of disaster and the Covid 19 made its presence known throughout the world, we took a very difficult decision to close Lukimbi for the month of April until things settled down.  Little did we anticipate how long it would take for “things to settle down “. So far, the …

Accommodation Inside Kruger National Park

Safari Holiday Kruger National Park

Safaris | 22 May 2020

6 Steps to Prepare for Your Safari Holiday in the Kruger National Park There is no question about it: a safari holiday in the Kruger National Park is absolutely second to none. This wondrous piece of paradise has so much beauty to offer, and the thrill of adventure is always just a stone’s throw away. …