Game Drives

Head out into the wild

No two 4×4 safaris are ever the same, nor are they possible to predict. It’s about being at the right place at the right time, with the right people to show you where to look. Safaris go out in the morning (just before sunrise to return in time for breakfast) and in the late afternoon (departing before sunset to return in time for dinner), and are an incomparable way to properly connect with Africa. No more than 8 people are allocated to an open shaded safari vehicle. A maximum of 6 vehicles are out on the reserve at any given time.
A Lukimbi safari is a unique take on a traditional Kruger National Park safari in that vehicles are permitted to traverse off-road under strictly controlled conditions. This, coupled with the fact that no more than 32 people enjoy 15 000 hectares of pristine protected wilderness, makes for an exclusive and highly personalised close contact safari experience.
The importance of a good guide cannot be overstated, and Lukimbi’s guides are all qualified and experienced experts. They are teamed with local trackers who were born in this area. Together they make a formidable team, whose passion and knowledge combine to deliver a standalone safari experience. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and you’ll quickly get drawn in to their excitement over predators, the medicinal uses of plants, astronomy, spoor tracking, photography and birds – to name just a few. They will hold you riveted as they jump off a vehicle to point out paw prints in the sand, or to identify a luminous chameleon in a tree.
Guided River and Bush Walks are also available to those who want their feet on the ground for the fresh perspective on an interactive walking safari. Click here to learn more.
Sunrise and sunset are very special on safari, in that they give the unique opportunity to pause, breathe and simply take in the beauty of the surroundings. Sip on an Amarula coffee or G&T as you witness the sun’s rise and fall in a glorious blaze of colours -no two are ever the same, and the impact is as powerful whether its your first or your hundredth time.
Fact file

• Private safari vehicles may be arranged at an additional fee
• Children of between 4 and 7 will be required to take a private vehicle
• Children of 8 and older are permitted on adult drives