The Animals Are Never Far

Wildlife at Lukimbi

At Lukimbi, safaris are not confined to game drives alone and you will always find good company with the animals drawn to the water of the Lwakahle River right in front of the lodge. Whether on your own private deck, at the pool, at the bar or in the dining room, you can rest assured you will have a natural spectacle in front of you every day.

Bird watchers are in for a special treat. Close your eyes and hear the ‘kok-kok-kok’ of the hornbills, the ‘krit-trrrrrrrrrr’ of the woodlands kingfisher in summer, the ‘ga-waaaaay’ of the Grey Loerie, or the eerie call of the spook voel.

The sight of flitting sun birds, shrikes and flocks of common house martins dancing over the water is enchanting. Water birds, including black crake, water dik-kop and hammer-kop, nest along the eastern and western banks, while storks and African fish eagles entrance even the most seasoned of twitchers.

Spot the languid water monitor as it slips into the river in gentle ripples, while kaleidoscopic rainbow skink lizards chase each other over the wooden decks of the lodge. Out of the corner of your eye, you might just catch a very quick glimpse of a shy yellow bellied sand snake as it slips away in dark brown and yellow stripes.

Crocodiles pay a visit now and again, and you may be treated to a guest appearance by George the resident hippo as he honks his familiar guttural greeting.

Winter is particularly active at Lukimbi. When the rain-fed pans dry up, animals are drawn to the water in front of the lodge. Herds of up to 250 buffaloes have been known to gather in front of the lodge, while elephants visit daily. A predator may well slink into your line of sight too.