The Legend Of Lukimbi

Always guarded by the mighty and wise

Lukimbi is named after the elusive legendary Lukimbi, half lion and half eagle owl.
Local traditional history, spoken through a tale from generation to generation, relates the story of the Mighty Toto who was walking near the bank of the beautiful Lwakhale River. Hearing screams from the river, he swiftly he ran down to the water’s edge where he saw Ntombi, his betrothed. She had gone down to the river to fetch water when Mbisi – the largest crocodile in the river – grabbed her leg in his mighty jaws. Without hesitation, Toto threw himself into the water to rescue her.
All day the battle raged, Toto against Mbisi. When nightfall came, both were exhausted and the waters of the river were stained with their blood. Ntombi lay in the shallows, too weak to move.
The great Nkulukulu looked down from the clouds and took pity on Toto and Ntombi and turned them into Lukimbis – mythical beasts that are half giant eagle owl and half lion. The Lukimbi has the wisdom of the owl and the strength of the lion, and is charged by the great Nkulukulu to safeguard all travelers in the African bush.
So, whenever the brave are faced with perils in the bush, they may call upon Toto and Ntombi, the guardian Lukimbis, and they will be safe.