The Reserve

The Kruger National Park

Lukimbi is one of only 7 private concessions within Kruger National Park, and at 15 000 hectares is one of the largest. It is located in the southern section of the park, and is  bounded by 3 major river systems. The concession offers a diverse array of habitats, including grasslands, wooded thickets, savannahs, drainage lines, dry river beds, rolling hills and lush riverine thickets. It stands to reason that a healthy abundance of wildlife – including the Big Five and a host of other animals big and small – finds home here.
In the east, the Lebombo mountains form a distinctive ridge. Granite underlies more than 80% of the southern section, and produces the characteristic rounded koppies that punctuate this section of the reserve.
In its sheltered valleys you’ll come upon trees which are rare elsewhere in Kruger – including the Cape chestnut, white pear, coral tree, lavender fever-berry and mountain seringa. Teak, wild olive and Transvaal beech also grow here.
As a private concession, Lukimbi’s visitors are treated to the best of the national public reserve in a highly personalised way. No more than 32 guests at a time enjoy unlimited and exclusive sightings as vehicles are permitted to traverse off road in a highly controlled manner.