Our Sister Reserve, Idube

A high impact Sabi Sand Reserve Safari

Idube Safari Lodge is our sister property located in the Sabi Sand Reserve. We built Idube’s first chalets in 1983 and have been adding and improving since then. Idube is well known for leopards and the antelope visiting daily on the lawn in front of the camp. It’s our 3 decades worth of experience here that has enabled us to hone our skill in the art of the private safari.
The Sabi Sand Reserve is a 65,000 hectare reserve (of which we traverse 10 500), which includes a collection of privately owned lodges pioneered by local landowners in the 1950s. Although it shares an unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park, the nature of the safari experience in each of the reserves is quite different.
Idube shares controlled traversing with our neighbours in the Western Sector. This cooperation results in unparalleled game drives.
Despite their proximity to one another, the biodiversity and landscapes of the Sabi Sand and the Kruger National Park are each unique in their own right. They complement one another beautifully, and 5 nights spent between the 2 yields an unrivalled safari experience including 2 of Southern Africa’s most coveted wilderness areas.
We have designed combination safari packages which give the best of both worlds – including the excitement of the high impact Sabi Sand safari where Big Five sightings are almost guaranteed to be ticked off the checklist, and the deeper more personal wilderness experience on the huge and unpopulated concession that is Lukimbi.