Kruger National Park Accommodation

Looking for Luxurious Kruger National Park Accommodation? Come to Lukimbi Lodge!

It is a dream of many people to go on an African safari, and while there are many to choose from, not many are quite as interesting or riveting as a safari through the Kruger National Park. Because this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to Kruger National Park accommodation, but few can match the hospitality, luxury, and beauty of Lukimbi Lodge.

One of the reasons why the Kruger National Park is so popular, is because the Big Five can be encountered here, and there is a high concentration of all kinds of African wildlife. There are also a lot of indigenous plants, and for keen birdwatchers, this is a true paradise. At Lukimbi Lodge, all our suites have their own private balconies overlooking the African bush and the river below. Here, our guests can spend hours watching the wildlife stroll by, the birds overhead and in the trees, and also animals coming in to quench their thirst during the day and evening. These balconies are built so close to nature that it is very difficult to miss the surrounding beauty.

Our mission at Lukimbi Lodge is to provide the discerning guest with Kruger National Park accommodation that is simply unforgettable. The lodge is built on a private concession within the Kruger National Park, and we are conveniently located close to one of the main gates of the Kruger National Park. We believe in providing our guests with the very best in all aspects, including accommodation, service, the most delectable cuisine, unforgettable game drives, the best wines, and the best views.

Our suites are simply beautiful and inviting. They are private and spacious yet intimate and incredibly plush. All our accommodation is highly exclusive, but for that extra touch of luxury, our premier suites have their own private swimming pools as well. The bathrooms have large baths for two, and the rooms have high windows that provide superb views. When it comes to food, our creative chefs serve world-class cuisine (a mix between African and European dishes) that is made from locally sourced, fresh produce. We also stock some of the best wines in the country in our extensive wine cellar.

If you are looking for five-star Kruger National Park accommodation, you simply have to book at Lukimbi Lodge for an experience that you never forget.