Best Safaris for Birdlife

Are You Looking for the Best Safaris for Birdlife in the Kruger National Park?

People usually visit the Kruger National Park to see the Big Five, but a lot of people tend to forget that this is also a paradise for birding enthusiasts. Here you will find an incredible diversity in the different species that can be encountered by birdwatchers during different times of year. Between October and March is usually when migratory birds arrive from far-flung places to breed and raise their young in a warmer climate. They come from as far as the northern parts of America and even Canada, and from a wide variety of locations in Europe.

The favourites of most keen birdwatchers, and even for those who are not particular interested in birds, are usually the birds of prey. Here you can find martial eagles, African hawks, and the amazing African fish eagle with its distinctive call. There is nothing more romantic than relaxing with a sundowner in a cool spot and listening to the wonderful call of the African fish eagle! There are also African hornbills, starlings, shrikes, and bee-eaters, and many other rare species that can only be encountered on one of the best safaris for birdlife in the Kruger National Park. There are more than five hundred species to be spotted in this game reserve, which offers a rich and exciting selection for any bird enthusiast.

The watering holes and riverbanks provide the ideal spots for birds to drink and to bathe, and if you choose a lodge positioned well for bird watching, you don’t even have to venture out into the wild to see a wide variety. Other pleasures include an assortment of mammals and rare indigenous species of plants, and if you are a keen hiker, you can join a guide and tracker on a walk through the private sections of the game reserve.

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the favourite accommodation establishments in the Kruger National Park amongst bird lovers. The lodge is situated on a private concession within the park, and built in a way that maximises the views over the river, watering holes, and the veld. All our suites have their own private balconies that are positioned for the ultimate in privacy. From here, bird spotters can sit with their binoculars and cameras and spot rare birds in the vicinity. Because Lukimbi Safari Lodge overlooks watering holes, there are many different species to be spotted here. We provide one of the best safaris for birdlife in the Kruger National Park.

If you are interested in some of the best safaris for birdlife in South Africa, book your accommodation at Lukimbi Safari Lodge today.