Accommodation for Luxury Safaris

Where to Find Accommodation for Luxury Safaris in the Kruger National Park


An excursion with your family to the Kruger National Park is at the top of the bucket lists of many people. Not only is it possible to encounter the Big Five within a couple of days, but it also offers accommodation for luxury safaris and all kinds of activities that will keep the whole family entertained and enthralled. There is something really romantic about accommodation at luxury safari lodges, and some of the best ones are located within the private concessions in the Kruger National Park. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit this amazing game reserve to experience the animals, the birds, and the indigenous flora that flourish in this game reserve.

As one of the largest game reserves in Africa, the Kruger National Park offers many different types of accommodation. These vary from budget accommodation in tents to accommodation for luxury safaris throughout the park. One of the best places to visit in this reserve is Lukimbi Safari Lodge. Because we are situated on one of the highly desirable private properties in the park, we are in high demand.

At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, you can experience a lot more than just accommodation for luxury safaris. We provide a wide array of activities, which includes daily game drives in vehicles that are specially adapted to provide high visibility and guided hikes throughout the wild environment.

Our suites are all geared towards the ultimate accommodation in luxury. This means that your suite will have its own private balcony, some with their own swimming pools, outdoor showers, air conditioning, mosquito nets, and an environment that is highly conducive to the ultimate in relaxation.

If you are looking for the ultimate accommodation for luxury safaris, come to Lukimbi Safari Lodge. We are poised and prepared to provide you with one of the most exceptional experiences you can encounter.