Kruger National Park Lodges

Why Lukimbi Safari Lodge Is One of the Best Kruger National Park Lodges

There is no debating the fact that the Kruger National Park is one of the most prominent locations for international tourists and local adventurers to visit. It is something really special to experience African wildlife in its natural habitat, and the indigenous fauna and flora are something to behold. On top of this, there is a wide array of birdlife. It is no wonder that the Kruger National Park lodges are simply packed with people who are keen to experience these wonders of the world.

While there are many different accommodation options in the Kruger National Park, the privately owned lodges are the best places to stay. Because they are built on private concessions, they tend to provide benefits that other Kruger Park accommodation does not. For instance, the activities they offer are different. On these private concessions, you can take part in a wildlife hike with trained trackers and guides. These excursions are very thrilling because the guides are extremely well informed about the local wildlife and can impart a wealth of knowledge on these hikes.

On top of that, the private Kruger National Park lodges usually include game drives on a daily basis, and because the guides and trackers have radio contact with each other, they can usually guide the game drives to the most impressive encounters and views, such as a fresh kill, some newborn pups or cubs, and other amazing sights that one would not normally experience while driving through the Kruger National Park on your own.

We are one of the most popular privately owned Kruger National Park lodges. Our packages include everything you will need while on safari, so if you need a truly exceptional experience, our lodge is the best place to be. Your delectable food, game drives, the luxury of our pristine swimming pools, viewing decks, and unbelievably luxurious accommodation are all included in the specialised packages we offer, so whether you are a family looking for a wonderful excursion, or an international guest looking for an unforgettable and luxurious safari experience in one of the privately owned lodges, we can provide exactly what you need.

If you want to relax in a well-appointed suite with its own deck and private swimming pool, delectable cuisine, and mind blowing sights over a watering hole and river, you should contact our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge. We can provide you with some of the best services and opportunities that all the privately owned Kruger National Park lodges have to offer!