African Wildlife Safaris

Do You Love African Wildlife Safaris in the Kruger National Park?

One of the most well-known destinations for African wildlife safaris is the Kruger National Park. This large game reserve was established in 1926 in an effort to scale down on hunting in the area and to preserve the wildlife of the area. The park is famous for its amount of wildlife. Here, tourists and local holidaymakers come to spot as much African wildlife as possible, including the Big Five. The Big Five are made up of the animals that are the most elusive and difficult to spot. They include the elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino. Being able to observe all these animals on a single visit is the ultimate thrill, and something that a lot of people who love African wildlife safaris aspire to.

One of the best things about African wildlife safaris is being accommodated in one of the luxury lodges in and around the Kruger National Park. While there are many rest camps in the reserve that provide various types of accommodation, the ultimate in luxury still remains the privately owned lodges in the area. Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the most popular lodges in the Kruger National Park, and guests from all over the world visit us every year. Here, our guests can experience the best in African hospitality when they conduct their wildlife safaris from our establishment.

At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, comfort and luxury are at the top of our agenda. Our lodge is specifically designed and constructed to blend in with the natural environment, which allows our guests to rest in comfort on our expansive timber decks overlooking a watering hole and the African bush below. Here, different animals converge at various times during the day, and especially at sunset, to quench their thirst – to the great delight of our guests. Those who love African wildlife safaris combined with the ultimate in ease and luxury are always thrilled by the sights to behold from our establishment.

Another highlight at Lukimbi Safari Lodge is our excellent cuisine. Our experienced and creative chefs prepare the most delectable Afro-European cuisine with fresh, locally sourced and grown ingredients. We also stock an exceptional wine list that contains some of the best wines to be found in South Africa.

If you are a keen fan of wildlife safaris and would like to experience true luxury and comfort while enjoying the African scenery, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call to make your booking. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most unforgettable experiences.