Luxury Safari Lodges South Africa

Why You Should Stay at Luxury Safari Lodges in South Africa

Most people would love to experience the African wild in its natural state, and even though there are many different lodges in countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Botswana, one of the best experiences is still to visit the Kruger National Park. This spectacular piece of land was set aside to preserve wildlife, birds, and plants in their natural environments, and it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from overseas countries and South Africa.

Most of the luxury safari lodges in other countries tend to be very isolated and far away from any kind of town, services, or conveniences, such as shops, but the Kruger National Park is located near Mbombela (formerly Nelspruit) and other smaller towns where people can purchase and enjoy all the conveniences that might be difficult to find in other, more remote African wildlife lodges. Even within the Kruger National Park, there are many different rest camps where people can stay overnight or book a holiday, and most of these rest camps have shops, restaurants, and swimming pools for customers to enjoy.

While the rest camps in the Kruger National Park are great, you will also find some of the best luxury safari lodges in South Africa within the private concessions in the reserve. These luxury lodges are privately owned and the owners or managers of these luxury lodges are usually able to provide activities that cannot regularly be organised in the rest of the game reserve.

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the best-known luxury safari lodges in South Africa. Our lodge is located within easy reach of one of the main gates of the Kruger National Park. We cater specifically to discerning guests who like their privacy, but would also like to fully immerse themselves in the African experience. Our clients’ comfort is of the utmost importance, so we go the extra mile to ensure that we always exceed expectations.

The accommodation we provide at Lukimbi Safari Lodge is some of the best when it comes to luxury safari lodges in South Africa. We have several exclusive suites where guests can relax and enjoy their experience. All our suites are very spacious and have their own private decks that overlook the river and bush below. They also have outdoor showers, large bathrooms, great views, mosquito nets, air conditioning, and many other luxuries that one would expect from a five-star lodge. Two of our magnificent suites even have their own private swimming pools where guests like to cool down after a hot day in Africa.

As one of the most popular luxury safari lodges in South Africa, our establishment is extremely attractive and comfortable. We have large decks overlooking the watering hole, and our guests love the food, the romance, and the ambience at our luxury safari lodge in the Kruger National Park.

If you have always dreamt of staying in a luxurious safari lodge in South Africa, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call today.