5 Star Safari Game Lodges

Why the Luxury of 5-Star Safari Game Lodges in the Kruger National Park is Unbeatable

It is a dream of most people to experience the African wild – safari style. It is not just about the animals, birds, and plants they will encounter during this experience, but also about enjoying the spectacle of African sunsets, the romantic evenings and early mornings, and the most extraordinary cuisine provided at 5-star safari game lodges in South Africa.

The bush is a wild place, so being in a position to observe wild and dangerous animals from a safe and comfortable distance is something that everyone enjoys. African lodges, especially, are well equipped and provide that movie-like ambience that people long for when they watch movies such as “White Mischief” and “Out of Africa”. The gossamer drapes of mosquito nets, the birdsong at sunrise, the old-fashioned hospitality, and the utter luxury of outstanding catering are all the things that make luxury 5-star safari game lodges in Africa so popular. There is simply nothing that can compare in the same way!

If you are one of the people who long for an unforgettable getaway that will indulge all your senses, or you are looking for the most romantic place for a honeymoon stay, you should be looking at 5-star safari game lodges around the Kruger National Park. While lodges in countries like Kenya and Tanzania are popular, they are sometimes situated in places that are extremely remote and require long travel times in uncomfortable transport, such as small aeroplanes and 4×4 vehicles. The Kruger National Park in South Africa is different because it is situated in such a way to enable you to experience the wild African vibe, but still be in relatively close proximity to all modern conveniences. It is a mixed bag of delights – while you can sit in a bird hatch at sunrise to observe all the birds in their natural environment, hear a lion roar at sunset, and even enjoy the laughter of hyenas and the chatter of monkeys during the day, you are still within an hour’s drive of a major airport, posh restaurants, shopping centres, and golf courses.

If you want to spend some unforgettable time in a place that will remain with you forever, spend some time at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, which is one of the 5-star safari game lodges in the Kruger National Park. Just browse our website or give our team a call to book your suite today.