Kruger Park Safaris

Choose an Unforgettable African Wildlife Adventure with Our Kruger Park Safaris!

If you want the adventure of a lifetime, there are few things that can beat an African safari! Being in the midst of large African elephants, encountering a lion up close and personal during a game drive, or lazing away the day next to a swimming pool overlooking a watering hole with animals – all these things can be combined to form one of the most luxurious and wonderful experiences of your life. Kruger Park safaris are particularly popular because they provide everything a person could want on a luxury safari.

The Kruger National Park is one of the most sought-after wildlife destinations in the world. Here the natural habitat of African wildlife has been protected and preserved since the park opened in 1926. Since then, the park has sold some private concessions to private stakeholders. This is where you will find luxury lodges that can compete with the best lodges in the world. Kruger Park safaris are particularly popular because the Kruger National Park is easily accessible by road and air, and also because it is one of the few game reserves where the Big 5 can be encountered in a single reserve. Elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions, and rhinos all live here in their natural environment. If you are lucky, it is even possible to encounter all of these in one day during one of our safaris.

The Kruger National Park is not just famous for its wildlife, but also for the beautiful areas surrounding the reserve. There are various towns and heritage sites that can be visited on day drives. Choosing to go on one of our safaris can be the most rewarding and exciting holiday experience ever. You will have many options to choose from when it comes to accommodation and entertainment. To make the adventure even more unforgettable, it is best to book into one of the luxury game lodges in the park where you will be spoilt and pampered like true royalty.

One of the most desirable game lodges is Lukimbi Safari Lodge. Our exclusive establishment welcomes guests from all over the globe every year, and our guests frequently return to stay here again. We offer the most awe-inspiring surroundings, plush accommodation, delicious food, great views, and incomparable comfort and luxury.

If you are keen to do some Kruger Park safaris, book your stay with Lukimbi Safari Lodge and we will ensure that you enjoy an experience that you would want to repeat.