What Makes a Luxury Game Lodge?

What Makes a Luxury Game Lodge Different from Other Lodges?

Accommodation is accommodation, right? Actually, no! There are many different types of accommodation and one of the best and most desirable of these is a luxury game lodge. But, what makes a luxury game lodge so different from other types of accommodation?

  • Luxury: The clue is in the word “luxury”. The luxury game lodges in Africa are all focused on providing their guests with the ultimate in luxury. This means that everything in the lodge – from the seating and layout, to the décor, services, cuisine, privacy, and staff members – is all geared towards ensuring that the guest has the most luxurious experience possible. Compromising on the luxury of guests is just not an option.  As a result, visiting a luxury game lodge is an experience that is simply unforgettable.
  • Location: Another thing that makes a luxury game lodge is its location. In South Africa, you will find many game lodges, but not all are necessarily luxury game lodges. Some of the most luxurious game lodges are in the Kruger National Park. The location of these lodges provides guests with the most incredible opportunities to experience Africa at its best. Guests can expect to experience the romance of an African sunset, the smell of the rain in the bush, the sound of lions roaring at night, and the taste of exquisite dishes prepared by well-trained, creative chefs. Africa has its own charm that cannot be compared to anywhere else, so visiting one of these luxury game lodges is simply unforgettable.
  • Activities and excursions: Most luxury game lodges go all out to ensure that their guests have exclusive experiences. These experiences often include private game drives, picnics in the bush, guided hikes with trackers, swimming in a crystal clear private pool on your own private deck overlooking a watering hole, and many other exciting things.
  • All-inclusive packages: Most luxury game lodges will work on an all-inclusive basis, which means that there is very little to pay extra for. When you book a package with Lukimbi Safari Lodge, the food, accommodation, most activities, and even some spa treatments are thrown into the deal. This means that all you have to do is enjoy the plush surroundings of this luxury game lodge!

If you want to know more about what makes a luxury game lodge different from other accommodation establishments, all you have to do is book a stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park. Check out our package deals online and give us a call to make your reservation.