Luxury Outdoor Facilities Kruger Park

Want to Know More About the Luxury Outdoor Facilities in the Kruger Park?

If you are planning a trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, you will probably be quite curious about the types of luxury outdoor facilities in the reserve. The fact is that in order to enjoy luxury facilities, you have to book into the luxury lodges in the Kruger Park. While there are a number of rest camps that offer accommodation, shops, eateries, and activities, the more luxurious experiences happen at the 5-star lodges in the area.

In the Kruger National Park, there are areas that have been set aside as private concessions. These areas are typically about 15 000 hectares in size and include safari lodges that are privately owned. These lodges offer luxurious accommodation and outdoor facilities in the Kruger Park. A private concession is privately owned, and therefore closed to the general public. This means that there is no mainstream traffic and that the animals in these areas are relatively undisturbed. The large amount of game in these areas provides the luxury lodges with opportunities that the general public might not have access to.

Depending on which lodge you stay in, you will have different outdoor activities to choose from. It is mainly up to the guests to dictate the activities and the facilities they need during their stay at these 5-star lodges. Some of the lodges, such as Lukimbi Safari Lodge, are also family friendly. Outdoor facilities will usually include a central swimming pool, a viewing deck, and large trucks for game drives.

When it comes to accommodation, there are also other types of luxury outdoor facilities to enjoy in these private lodges in the Kruger National Park. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, we provide our guests with the opportunity to have their own outdoor showers and private lookout decks from where they can observe the game passing by and drinking water at the riverbed below. The more luxurious suites also have their own private swimming. These are particularly popular with honeymoon couples because they are so private and romantic.

If you want to know more about the luxury outdoor facilities available at Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park, give our friendly team a call as soon as possible and book your stay with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our lodge and ensuring that you have an unforgettable stay with us.