Wedding Venues Kruger Park

Looking for One of the Best Wedding Venues in the Kruger National Park? Try Lukimbi Safari Lodge!

There are few places in the world as romantic as the African bush. Africa is steeped in history, and has breathtaking natural beauty, an aura of romance, and spectacular wildlife. The African sunsets are fiery and the sunrises are stunning, fresh, and hopeful. If you are planning to get married and you want something a little different and unforgettable, an African wedding at one of the wedding venues in the Kruger National Park is just what you need!

Located within a short drive of one of the main gates of the Kruger National Park, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is truly a 5-star wedding venue that will blow your mind. When arriving at our lodge, you will see that the reception area has views that sweep across the African bush below and overlook a riverbed where the wildlife comes to quench their thirst. Here, overlooking the pristine natural setting, you almost feel as if you are outside, instead of inside, as the lodge was designed to keep guests as close to natural settings as possible. Open decks flow around the lodge with the bush below. The indoor areas with tasteful décor that is inspired by African cultures are welcoming and comfortable, and you will immediately feel like royalty when you step through the door. Regardless of where you are in the lodge, you will never forget that you are, indeed, in Africa!

One of the reasons why Lukimbi Safari Lodge is considered by some to be one of the best wedding venues in the Kruger Park is because of its exclusivity. We have an in-house wedding coordinator that will assist with all wedding preparations – from the catering and décor, to accommodation and other services. The little baroque chapel is perfect for exchanging vows and we can accommodate 32 guests in 16 different suites. All the suites are spacious, and have their own private decks and outdoor showers to bring guests closer to nature. Two superior suites are perfect for the wedding couple with their private pools and decks It’s difficult to get more romantic than this!

If you want to get married at one of the most exclusive wedding venues in the Kruger National Park, contact our hospitality team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge today, and we will ensure that your wedding experience is one you will never forget.