Luxury Kruger Getaways

Looking for Luxury Getaways at a Top Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park?

There are many ways to experience the African wildlife. One of the most popular of these is to take a trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. While the types of accommodation in the rest camps differ vastly, if you are looking for a top luxury getaway, hardly anything beats the 5-star lodges in this magnificent game reserve. Most of these lodges are privately owned and built specifically for guests who like to combine their wildlife experience with ultimate luxury and indulgence.

One of the best luxury getaways is offered by Lukimbi Safari Lodge. Our lodge is designed to blend into nature and is, therefore, constructed from timber and other natural materials. Our lodge’s interior is a feast for the eyes and set against the backdrop of African folklore and art décor. The décor is amazing and interesting, the cuisine is delectable, and the surroundings are absolutely spectacular. Just about any indulgence can be experienced here, including private balconies and swimming pools, outdoor spa treatments, and wonderful, spacious suites overlooking the bush and the riverbed below, where the wild animals roam. The bathrooms are large, the bedrooms are spacious, and all the suites have private balconies and outdoor showers that allow our guests to truly bond with nature.

We offer a range of getaway packages here in the Kruger National Park that are all-inclusive – accommodation, meals, activities (such as game drives and nature hikes), and many other comforts are included in the price. Lukimbi Safari Lodge is truly considered one of the best places for a Kruger getaway. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury getaway in the Kruger National Park, give our team a call to find out more about our packages.