Outdoor Safari Spa Treatments

4 Top Benefits of Outdoor Safari Spa Treatments

There are few things as relaxing and luxurious as a proper spa treatment. Whether you choose a full-body or hot-stone massage, a mud bath, or a wrap, they all provide a sense of wellbeing that you will enjoy. There is only one thing that can improve the spa experience, however, and that is to have outdoor spa treatments at a safari lodge! Just like normal spa treatments, these treatments yield many health benefits, but with a few extra advantages. Here are some of the health benefits you can expect when you experience an outdoor spa treatment.

  1. Stress management: Most spa treatments help people to manage stress better. But a massage outdoors takes it to a completely new level. The fresh air, the sound of wild animals and birds in the background, and the feel of the soft, cool African breeze on your skin will relax you like nothing else. Safari lodges all over Africa are famous for their fantastic outdoor spa treatments.
  • Relieves aches and sore muscles: When you go on an outdoor adventure, such as horse riding or a strenuous hike or climb, your muscles are bound to become sore and tired. Instead of the artificial environment of an indoor salon, being outside will provide all the relief you need and alleviate soreness and stiffness.
  • Water therapy: Often, outdoor spa treatments at safari lodges take place near a stream of running water. The water you hear will not be a recording in an enclosed studio – it is actually the real thing. By bringing you closer to the sounds of nature, you will feel at one with your surroundings.
  • Encourages sleep: Once you have experienced an adrenalin-filled day from all the game drives or a hike in the natural surroundings of a game reserve, an outdoor spa treatment will help to calm you. The adrenalin and lactic acid are massaged from your sore muscles by nimble hands outside in a natural environment. This is an extension of the adventure you experienced during that day, but just a much more gentle way to end it off. Your muscles and mind can relax, and your exhausted body is soothed. This promotes wonderful sleep!

If you want to try some outdoor spa treatments, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the best places to visit. We provide a whole range of outdoor spa treatments that you will love.