Plan a Trip to Kruger National Park

Why You Should Plan a Trip with Your Family to the Kruger National Park This Year

There are many different vacation resorts and getaways in South Africa to explore. We have mountains and seas, forests and rivers, quaint little towns, and country lodges. Yet, the biggest attractions still remain the untamed African wildlife parks and game reserves. If you are looking for a different place to take your family this year, you should plan a trip to the Kruger National Park!

While there are many other places, such as Botswana, Tanzania, and Kenya to choose from for a good safari experience, learning more about the area in and around the Kruger National Park is an adventure that you and your family will enjoy.

Some people don’t plan a trip to the Kruger National Park because they are put off by the idea of rest camps. Even though these can be very exciting and interesting, they do not necessarily provide the luxury that people crave.

This is where Lukimbi Safari Lodge comes in!  Our guests are welcomed by our magnificent staircase leading up into the lodge, and amazed at the plush, luxurious surroundings and amazing architecture of our lodge. Our lodge’s décor is inspired by African legends and art. The magnificent art collection consists of local artistry and talent, and there is much to see!

The art, however, doesn’t stop at the art collection. The culinary arts from our creative chefs at Lukimbi Safari Lodge are simply exceptional, and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning diner!

Another reason to plan a trip to the Kruger National Park’s Lukimbi Safari Lodge is that we are family friendly. We regularly host children’s activities and educational programmes. This means that parents can relax while their kids are entertained and educated.

Because the employees of Lukimbi Safari Lodge own shares in this establishment, they go out of their way to ensure that your visit at our establishment is a complete success, and that all your needs are catered to. So, if you want to plan a trip to the Kruger National Park – whether with a partner, alone, or with your family, we will welcome you with open arms and provide you with luxury!

Contact our friendly team today to book your suite. We look forward to hosting you while you enjoy all that the Kruger National Park has to offer for people who choose to visit it.