Book a Wildlife Safari Online

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Book a Wildlife Safari Online

Do you want to book your safari experience online this year? Yes, it is easy to book your entire holiday from the comfort of your own computer at home or at the office, but there are definitely some mistakes that can be made along the line. Here we provide you with some of the most common mistakes to avoid when making a reservation for your wildlife safari online.

  1. Not checking TripAdvisor: You can avoid a lot of disappointment when you check online reviews from people who have already visited the places you are interested in. This could tell you more about the facilities that are available, the quality of the rooms, and many other things. While everything looks good on a website, the reality may be completely different.
  • Don’t always believe travel writers or bloggers: People often get paid to write pieces for a place that they have never visited. In addition to this, bloggers may get to stay free at an establishment in exchange for a glowing review. Don’t believe everything travel writers have to say about the establishments they promote.
  • Choosing highly discounted rooms: Remember that if you get a cheap room, it is probably not the same type of room that is advertised. The rooms that are sold off cheaply are often inferior and cheaper for a reason. If you are unsure about the style or grade of the room, contact the establishment directly instead of using a third-party site that books rooms cheaply.
  • Not using a travel agency: When you book a wildlife safari online, it is advised that you use a travel agency. The travel agents in the area you want to travel to will generally have intimate knowledge of the relevant establishments, travel times, bus schedules, areas to avoid, game guides, and attractions. They can provide you with inside information that you would not otherwise have.
  • Using the wrong name: Air travel can be very complicated, so ensuring that the names of all travelling passengers are spelt correctly is of utmost importance. Don’t assume that the travel agent or airline employee knows how to spell your name. Once you receive your confirmation email, check it to ensure that all the names are spelt correctly.
  • Neglecting to get travel insurance: If your bags don’t arrive, you are double booked at a hotel, or you crash your rental vehicle in a foreign place, you can be in for a lot of expenses. When you book a wildlife safari online, ensure that you take out the relevant cover for you and your family. Medical insurance is also recommended in case of medical emergencies.

For more tips on how to book a wildlife safari online, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call today.