Top Luxury Safari Lodges in South Africa

Why You Should Stay at Top Luxury Safari Lodges in South Africa

There is a certain mystic romance about the continent of Africa. It makes one think of sweeping vistas, grasslands for miles, colour-filled sunsets and sunrises, African rainstorms, and the large white streak of the Milky Way across the open skies at night. Of course, the other main attraction remains the magnificent variety of wildlife here, and most people would love an opportunity to experience these animals in close proximity.

While there are many exclusive locations and top safari lodges in South Africa where tourists or guests can visit to experience African wildlife at its best, the Kruger National Park still remains one of the most sought-after locations to visit in South Africa. Here you can encounter the entire Big Five in one day if you’re lucky, and there is plenty to see because of the number of animals found here due to the hard work of the conservationists who dedicate their lives to the preservation of these species. It is possible to see lions and buffalos in a zoo, of course, but experiencing them in their natural habitat is something truly special!

One of the other main attractions in the Kruger National Park is the abundance of top luxury safari lodges located in and around the park. These lodges capture the spirit of Africa and provide guests with the opportunities to relax in the most exquisite locations, while enjoying good views and many adventures. Activities will usually centre on guided game drives in specially adapted vehicles. Other people love to hike and guided walks can also be organised. Most of the top luxury safari lodges also provide spa treatments and other special experiences, and you can even have a sunrise hot-air balloon ride organised for you!

One of the most sought-after top luxury safari lodges in South Africa is Lukimbi Safari Lodge. Our establishment is located on a private concession in the Kruger National Park, which means that we have access to areas within the reserve that are closed to the general public. As a result, we have exclusive access to watering holes and other habitats where wildlife flourishes. Our guides and trackers are experienced, and are constantly in communication to alert other guides about exciting finds, such as game kills or baby animals.

If you are looking for a top luxury safari lodge in South Africa that will indulge your every whim in the most luxurious surroundings, look no further than Lukimbi Safari Lodge.