Game Drives

How to Make the Most of Your Game Drives in the Kruger National Park

One of the most desirable safari destinations in the world is the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Every year, thousands of people flock to this reserve to experience wild African animals in their natural surroundings. Here, you can find the Big 5 – the most elusive of all African animal species, namely the rhino, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and lion. In between game drives, you can also make use of wonderful accommodation options at the rest camps that are strategically placed throughout the reserve. One of the most sought-after lodges in the area is Lukimbi Safari Lodge, which offers unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Game drives can be difficult and tiring if you are not prepared for them. While many people choose self-drive, the best game viewing can be experienced if you are fully prepared. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, our vehicles are specially adapted to maximise visibility, and the guides and trackers who conduct these drives are often in touch with other game vehicles in the surroundings. This enables them to inform each other about the locations of interesting and unusual sightings, such as killings or large animals.

If you are planning a trip to the Kruger Park with a difference, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is the place to be! We are located on a private concession in the Kruger National Park, which allows us access to areas where the general public is not allowed. This vastly enhances your game viewing experience, as the animal life here is more abundant.

If you are serious about experiencing the thrill of encountering a variety of rare animals in their natural surroundings, you need to organise safari drives that are conducted by our experienced guides. Not only do we provide you with a vehicle that is specifically adapted to increase your visual range to spot animals, but we also provide you with experienced and trained guides to lead your game drives through the reserve. This means that you are much more likely to encounter the animals you are looking for during your drive!

In addition to our game drives, we also offer premier accommodation and delectable food. Our romantic suites are specifically appointed for privacy and relaxation, and all our suites have their own game-watching decks overlooking the riverbed below. We also have one of the most impressive wine lists in the area that includes award-winning local and international wines to enjoy with your delicious cuisine of choice.

For more information about our well-managed wildlife drives, contact our team to book your trip!