Planning Your Safari Getaways for the New Year

Start Planning Your Safari Getaways for the New Year Now!

There are very few experiences on this planet – if any – that matches the absolute splendour of luxury African safari getaways. The dramatic landscapes, the fiery, breathtaking sunsets, the crisp, fresh air, the majestic sight of an abundance of wildlife roaming the plains… The wonder simply never ends. Each moment is one to be treasured and remembered for life. And it only gets better when you book your safari getaways at the Lukimbi Safari Lodge.

Located in the easily accessible southern part of the Kruger National Park, Lukimbi offers luxury safari getaways without equal. Indulge in world-class luxuries as you gaze across the African landscape, watching the majestic wildlife roam their natural habitat…

When you book your safari getaways for the new yearwith Lukimbi, you can expect the following:

Accommodation Without Equal

Lukimbi manages to perfectly balance luxurious opulence with an authentic African feel. The spacious rooms contain all the amenities you could want, including a huge bath, inside and outside shower, air conditioning and minibar. Each room also features high windows and its own private viewing deck for incredible views of the surrounding landscape, and our premier suites even have their own private pools.

Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

This is what safari getaways are all about – exploring the majestic beauty of nature in all its wild abundance. If you were hoping to see the famous Big Five – the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhino – you are in luck. They all reside in the area. There are also many different kinds of antelope, and bird watchers can try to spot as many of the 420 local bird species as possible.

Bounded by three rivers and featuring a diverse array of habitats – from grasslands, to wooded areas and lush riverine thickets – no two game drives at Lukimbi are ever the same. You can also choose to join one of the qualified guides as they venture into the bush on foot for an experience even closer to nature.

Back at the lodge you can enjoy all of the luxuries and pampering your heart desires. From exquisite fine dining to our award-winning wine list, from luxurious spa treatments to a relaxing round of golf – Lukimbi has it all for you.

To book one of the best safari getaways you will ever experience, contact Lukimbi Safari Lodge today. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our beautiful world!