4 Top Tips to Experience Luxury Kruger Safaris at an Affordable Price

A lot of people and families have the long-held dream of going on a luxury safari at some stage of their lives. While it can be easy for residents of African countries to experience what the bush has to offer on a budget, very few South Africans actually have pockets as deep as foreigners, and luxury Kruger Safaris usually just end up being pipe dreams that are never realised.

Luxury safaris can be incredibly expensive – sometimes ridiculously so, and the average income for most people just do not allow such expense for luxury. This is why they choose to go on holiday in cheaper places or stay in the budget accommodation sections or camping sites of the game reserves.

There are, however, ways and means to experience luxury Kruger safaris if you are clever. Clearly, they will still cost more than your average holiday, but if you plan well and you save up a little, a luxury safari during which you can stay in a five-star lodge for less than you think may well be in your future!

Here are some things you can do to make it possible to experience luxury Kruger safaris without having to re-mortgage your home:

  1. Choose low season: If you are prepared to take the kids out of school for a few days (it is cheaper during term time) and don’t mind some rain, you can go to the Kruger during low season and save a bunch of money. Usually the seasons depend on rainfall, and as a result high season usually falls during the dry season, which is in winter. Because it is dry this time of year it is easier to encounter animals at watering holes and it is easier to spot game because the vegetation is not as lush and thick as it is during rainfall season. It is also not as hot as in summer. If you, however, have your heart set on luxury Kruger safaris, then there is no better time to shave some cash of the price of accommodation and just about everything else. There are other wonderful benefits of going in low season too – the landscape is green and vibrant, and the rains are refreshing and make for highly spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Animals usually have their babies during low season, so you will also have a rare opportunity to encounter newborns and young animals.
  1. Drive yourself: Forget about the luxury coach or flying there. Fill up your car, get some snacks for the road and drive there yourself. Taking your own vehicle also gives you more freedom to explore the park at times that suit you and you don’t have to be bound to the game viewing schedules of other tourists enjoying their luxury Kruger safaris. There are fewer vehicles on the road during the low season and there are a lot of places to explore inside and out of the park if you feel a bit adventurous.
  1. Focus on the accommodation: The thing that turns ordinary safaris into luxury Kruger safaris is usually the accommodation. During low season you can get some really good deals from luxury lodges because they are not fully booked. During this time, they usually also feature great specials and push promotions. If you can save money elsewhere, you can splurge on accommodation, and this will ensure that you can experience all the luxuries, the fine dining and the plush accommodation that will turn your safari into sheer luxurious enjoyment.
  1. Get an expert to help: Because most of us do our own bookings online nowadays, we forget that there are experts out there to help. Some travel agents or safari bookers specialise in luxury Kruger safaris and they have their fingers on the pulse of all the new lodges, specials and promotions when it comes to anything safari related.

If you thought that luxury Kruger safaris are way out of your reach, think again! And if you are looking for a great place to stay that will provide you with all the safari lodge luxuries you dream of, contact us at Lukimbi Safari Lodge today to check out our specials and promotions.