Accommodation Inside Kruger National Park

Why Most People Prefer Accommodation Inside the Kruger National Park 

Up until the nineties, there was very little accommodation outside of the Kruger National Park that would be close enough for comfortable day trips, and people usually booked the few establishments that were available because they were cheaper. Nowadays, there are a lot of options that are virtually on the border of the park and very close to the gates, and as a result, it is not as cost-effective as it used to be to stay outside the park instead of choosing accommodation inside the Kruger National Park. There are also other reasons why people now tend to choose accommodation inside the Kruger National Park instead of on the outskirts, or outside the park entirely.

  • Better exploration: If you choose accommodation outside of the Kruger National Park, you have to be close to a gate, otherwise you end up travelling long distances each day to get your game viewing done. Those who choose accommodation inside the Kruger National Park can move from one camp to another, and as a result, they can explore a much bigger area of the park. Usually, people feel that the point of going to the park in the first place is to spend time in the park, as to explore as much of the park as possible. The camps in the park are also relatively close to each other, so if you don’t feel like a long drive on a particular day, you can choose a camp that is not too far away, and perhaps only spend some time in the morning or afternoon game viewing, and then relax at the camp for the rest of the time. It is very interesting to see how the terrain changes from area to area, and the fauna and flora changes along with the terrain. Staying inside the confines of the park allows you to experience these changes more vividly.
  • Immersion in the environment: If you choose accommodation inside the Kruger National Park you can become fully immersed in the environment, the setting and the atmosphere of the camp. It is one of those experiences that just cannot be repeated elsewhere, and if you stay outside of the camp you never really get the full experience and feel of the camp, especially at night. There is something really special about being inside the camp for a while – it is like a little world away from the world, and the feeling practically immediately changes once you leave the gates of the Kruger National Park.
  • Great accommodation inside the Kruger National Park: There is a wide range of accommodation inside the park. You can choose from luxury five-star lodges where you can experience just about every conceivable luxury, or you can choose from chalets, tented camps and other, more basic types of accommodation that will suit your budget better.

Why You Should Choose Lukimbi Safari Lodge

If you are looking for accommodation inside the Kruger National Park that is a true combination of the wild and luxury, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is the place to be. Located only 26 km from the Malelane Gate, it is perfectly situated for easy access to the park and all the wildlife you can handle! The lodge is built in true African style – thatch roof, wooden walkways and balconies, private suites, pristine swimming pool, fine dining, and many more.

The suites at Lukimbi contain high windows overlooking trees, and a private balcony overlooking the scenery below where you can spot game coming in for an evening drink in the watering hole nearby. Suites also contain indoor and outdoor showers, luxury linen, tasteful décor, and the feeling of the African bushveld dominates wherever you go in the lodge. Premier suites have their own private swimming pools and private decks, and all suites are equipped with everything that one would expect from a five-star establishment – and more!

There are also several activities that Lukimbi can offer you, including guided walks, as well as game viewing safaris in the morning and the afternoon – this way you can see the wildlife in the Kruger from an open game drive vehicle. A highly experienced and trained guide will provide all the information you need about the environment and the animals, and you will be thrilled by what you encounter along the way!

If you are looking for accommodation inside the Kruger National Park, please give us, at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, a call to make your booking today!