Game Lodges in South Africa

Treat Yourself: Visit One of the Kruger National Park Game Lodges in South Africa

If you are looking for the ultimate treat, you should arrange a trip to one of the luxury game lodges in South Africa. Some of the best game lodges in the country are situated in or around the Kruger National Park. Visiting the Kruger Park and staying at one of these lodges is a deeply pleasant experience that you will never forget!

About the Kruger National Park

As one of the best attractions in the world, the Kruger National Park is a place where you can encounter a great variety of African wildlife, including the Big Five. It is one of the biggest game parks on the continent and covers an area of almost twenty thousand square kilometres. It stretches across parts of Mpumalanga and Limpopo , and it has been protected by the government since its inception in 1898, in order to keep the natural fauna and flora completely unspoilt. The Kruger National Park is fenced off to keep out hunters, intruders, and poachers, and access can only be gained through one of the nine strictly guarded gates which provide access to the different camps in the reserve.

There are 21 rest camps in the Kruger National Park, and also two private lodge concessions which include around 15 of the most luxurious game lodges in South Africa. Private companies own these pieces of land along with the local communities, and the management of these game lodges is usually outsourced to private individuals or businesses. The 21 rest camps provide highly desirable accommodation options that suit different budgets, including camp sites, tented camps, bungalows, rondavels, and highly memorable game lodges. The rest camps all have restaurants and basic shopping facilities for the use of guests, and the camps are securely fenced off to ensure the safety of the people within.

Game Lodges in South Africa

Game lodges can be found all over the south of the continent, but the game lodges in South Africa are particularly luxurious and exciting to stay in. The infrastructure and general facilities in this country is better than most African countries, and even the remote game lodges in South Africa are able to procure whatever they need. In the Kruger National Park, there are various lodges that are particularly wonderful to stay in, and Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the best lodges in the park, as well as a favourite amongst a great number of returning guests and visitors to the Kruger Park.

Choose Lukimbi Safari Lodge

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is situated in the south of the Kruger National Park, and easily accessible through one of the southern gates. Here you can experience not just the luxury that one would expect from the five-star game lodges in South Africa, but you will also be enamoured with the natural beauty and authentic African feel of the lodge. Our lodge was built with comfort and relaxation in mind; our lounge overlooking the river is one of the favourite places for our guests to chill after a hot day or to enjoy an aperitif in front of the artistic hearth on a cool evening. From here, you can see the animals coming to the river to quench their thirst, and you will be mesmerised by this spectacle. Guests also enjoy having moonlit meals in the glow of the fire at the outdoor African boma, or enjoy delicious fare on the wonderful deck overlooking the river. In addition to this, there is a great library with a wide variety of interesting books to enjoy during downtimes.

When it comes to accommodation, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is hard to beat. All our suites are creatively and tastefully decorated, have outdoor and indoor showers, and provide great views, private balconies, high-quality linen, mosquito nets, and all the modern conveniences one would expect from luxury game lodges in South Africa.

If you really want to treat yourself, you simply have to book a visit to one of the many stunning game lodges in South Africa, and Lukimbi Safari Lodge should be at the top of your list! Give us a call today to make your booking. You won’t be disappointed.