Luxury Lodges in Mpumalanga

8 Good Reasons to Stay at One of the Luxury Lodges in Mpumalanga

If you are a fan of great views and natural spectacles, Mpumalanga is the place to go. Here you can encounter canyons, mountains, some of the most abundant and impressive indigenous fauna and flora in the country, a large number of heritage sites that will blow your mind, and of course, the famous Kruger National Park that stretches through the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Mpumalanga is one of the most impressive and beautiful areas in South Africa, so spending some time here is an experience that will not be easy to forget, especially if you manage to spend some time at one of the fantastic luxury lodges in Mpumalanga.

There are so many different highlights and attractions in this delightful province, which include:

  1. Game viewing: One of the most impressive attractions is, of course, the world-famous Kruger National Park, which is probably the biggest drawing card for South Africans and foreign tourists alike. People love the park for the plentiful small game, the luxury lodges in and around the reserve, and of course, the Big Five.
  1. Superb angling: For those who like to flick a line in a fresh, clear lake or river, there are plenty of wonderful places to fish. Trout streams are abundant, and the trout are large and plentiful – any angler’s dream!
  1. Cultural heritage: Pilgrim’s Rest is one of the oldest historic villages in the country, and some of the original buildings still stand there. Originally a mining town, it was finally abandoned when the mines stopped yielding gold, and then turned into a tourist attraction much later, with some museums, cafes, a bar, and the original old hotel – which is quite different to the luxury lodges in Mpumalanga!
  1. Delicious fruit: Some of the best tropical fruits in the country, such as litchis, mangos, bananas, and pineapples, are grown here – most of these are sold to establishments in the area, and a lot of these end up on the lavish fruit platters of the luxury lodges in Mpumalanga.
  1. Anthropological sites: In the Kruger National Park itself, there are around 250 heritage sites where age-old communities lived, and their rock art and other artefacts can still be found. The local tribe, the Shangaan, have a cultural village here, and the colourful Ndebele homes are a feast for the eyes. In the museum village called Botshabelo, visitors can admire old artefacts and vibrant beadwork of the old indigenous tribes.
  1. Unusual fauna: There are only two groups of wild horses to be found in South Africa, and one of these can be found on the grass plains of Mpumalanga. The highly endangered blue swallows also choose this area for their summer migration and breeding, and their large gatherings are a wonder to behold.
  1. Adventure outdoors: For adrenalin junkies and activity fans, there are many things to do that will get the blood pumping. Rock climbing, microlight flying, hot-air ballooning, and white river rafting are only some of the fascinating things you can do to get your adrenalin fix.
  1. Awesome luxury lodges: Some of the best accommodation establishments in the country are counted amongst the luxury lodges of Mpumalanga. Fifteen of these lodges are situated inside the Kruger National Park, and one of the best-loved establishments is Lukimbi Safari Lodge. These five-star lodges offer luxurious accommodation, pampering, relaxation, and comfort that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, craving quiet surroundings, want to eat gourmet food in fantastic surroundings, or just want to get away from everything and reconnect with African nature, these luxury lodges in Mpumalanga provide you with everything you need, and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are planning to visit Mpumalanga or the Kruger National Park, book your stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge – one of the most sought-after luxury lodges in the province.