Game Lodge Accommodation

Why Your Choice of Game Lodge Accommodation Is So Important

There is nothing quite like the thrill of an African safari. No other holiday experience matches the intoxicating combination of this exciting sense of adventure, the stunning natural beauty, and the authentic appeal of African hospitality. That is, of course, if you book your trip wisely. As with most things in life, not all offerings and experiences are created equally, which is why it is so important to book just the right game lodge accommodation to make sure you get the absolute most out of your African safari holiday.

So, what is it that makes a game lodge the perfect holiday accommodation option? Look out for the following:

Easy Access To The Best Wildlife Viewings

The location of the game lodge accommodation should be the first consideration. After all, you are here for a safari and you want to make sure you see the best nature has to offer. Lukimbi Safari Lodge is situated in the easily accessible southern portion of the Kruger National Park – one of the largest and most popular reserves on the African continent. We provide a choice of daily game drives where visitors have the chance to see everything from the renowned Big Five to general game and a large variety of bird species. We also offer guided bush walks for those who want to completely immerse themselves in nature.

A Full-Service Offering

Remember, to experience a proper safari, you will need to travel to the middle of the bushveld. You cannot simply pop out to a shop or restaurant of your choice as you please. Ensure that you book your accommodation at a place that offers all the amenities you need, or include it in your travel plans to either stop at places or provide things like your own food, entertainment, and transport. Lukimbi Safari Lodge provides a full service, including game drives, wildlife viewing, fine dining, spa treatments, and other entertainment options.

Comfort and Convenience

It is your holiday and it is meant to be indulgent. So, when you look for accommodation, look for something that provides more than just the most basic requirements. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, each room provides spacious luxury with great views of the natural surroundings. Our restaurant serves the most delicious fine-dining meals, or you can enjoy African-inspired cuisine under the stars. We also have a world-class spa where you can relax and indulge in some special treatments in-between your safari drives. It is all about you and your enjoyment.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable game safari experience. Book your accommodation with Lukimbi Safari Lodge for an experience like no other.