Game Drive Kruger Park

6 Essential Tips Before Going on a Game Drive in the Kruger National Park

The fragrant smell of the Bushveld. The warm African sun on your skin. The open savannah calling you to explore. The thrill of spotting wildlife as you round a corner. There are very few adventures which are as exciting as a game drive and there is nowhere better to do it than at the magnificent Kruger National Park in South Africa – the most popular and one of the largest nature reserves on the African continent

Buffalo and Oxpecker

Here are six essential tips to help assure you have an excellent experience if this is your first time going on a game drive in the Kruger National Park:

  1. Choose the time of year carefully. The Kruger National Park’s landscape is more lush and green during summer (November to March), which is absolutely beautiful. However, this could also obstruct the view of the animals. Winter vegetation is sparser and the wildlife is easier to spot while congregating around the dwindling waterholes.
  • Get an early start. If you want the best chance to spot local wildlife, make sure you go on an early-morning game drive. Not only is this a great time to catch a glimpse of some of the more elusive creatures but the crisp air is an experience that is well worth the effort.
  • Pack sun protection. The last thing you want is for your safari adventure to be cut short or spoilt by sunburn or heatstroke. The African sun can be harsh, even in winter, so make sure you pack some sunscreen, a sun hat to protect your head and neck, and sunglasses.
  • Wear neutral colours. Avoid brightly coloured clothing when going on a game drive. You want to blend in and not startle any animals while out and about. Ultimately, you want to be able to get as close as possible to them.
  • Take a camera. Visiting the Kruger National Park is an unforgettable experience. Yet, there are also bound to be magical moments you’d want to capture. Bring a camera with you or make sure your mobile phone can take decent photos and is fully charged.
  • Make sure you are accompanied by a professional guide. A professional guide is trained to spot animals where others won’t spot a thing. They know the area and understand the behaviour of the animals. When you book your stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park, your luxury accommodation includes a daily game drive in the morning and afternoon with our top guides.

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