What to See at the Kruger National Park While on Safari

Most people tend to visit the Kruger National Park for the animals, birds, and indigenous flora, but there is actually a lot more to do and see in addition to going on game drives and encountering animals. The park is located in Limpopo province and is close to various heritage sites, natural spectacles, small towns, and other interesting sights. If you are asking yourself what you should see at the Kruger National Park, you will definitely not be limited to just spotting wildlife – there is a lot more on offer to do and see in and around the park. Here are some suggestions about what to see at the Kruger National Park:

  • Wildlife: Of course, this is the first and most important thing to do! People come from all over the world to encounter African wildlife, so it is usually at the top of the list when it comes to things to see in the Kruger National Park. This game reserve is home to around 150 different types of mammals, 507 species of birds, and around 120 different types of reptiles, including the large African crocodile. This means that there is plenty to see on a game drive. Just keep your eyes peeled to spot well-camouflaged animals. Even better, go on a guided game drive with a tracker who will point out interesting animals to you.
  • Dams and lakes: These are always interesting because this is where different animal and bird species go to hydrate. Usually, there are hides set close to the dams where people can quietly observe the animals and birds up close and personal without disturbing them.
  • Various cultural and heritage sites: There are many significant cultural sites to visit in the Kruger National Park. These include bushman rock paintings, age-old village ruins of some of the first inhabitants of the area, a 500-year-old archaeological settlement, an elephant museum, and a library that contains wonderful information specifically about the area and its heritage.
  • Catered cultural events: Local tribes around the park offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a cultural display that includes their indigenous cuisine, dancing, and other cultural displays. Certain rest camps also offer catered traditional dancing evenings for visitors.
  • Towns and natural settings around the park: You don’t need to stick to the interior of the Kruger National Park during your entire visit. There are many little towns and natural attractions to visit outside the park.

If you choose to stay with us at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, we will be able to advise you about what to see at the Kruger National Park. We can even arrange golf outings, hikes, and other activities that you will enjoy. Of course, we also provide luxury accommodation and game drives that are hard to beat. Give us a call today to find out more.

Bush Retreats Kruger Park

Lukimbi Safari Lodge: For Luxury Bush Retreats in the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. People arrive here in droves to experience some of the most extraordinary bush retreats. Here, visitors and guests can encounter the Big Five, which consist of the most elusive animals to be found on the African continent. The African lion, the vicious buffalo, the shy leopard, the large rhino, and the empathetic yet dangerous elephant can all be spotted here. Sometimes, for those who are lucky, it is possible to spot all of these on the same day due to the density of wild animals in this very special game reserve.

The animals and flora that can be found on the bush retreats in the Kruger National Park are unusual and exciting, and during the early morning, mid-day, and even during the evenings, it is possible to view a wide variety of animals throughout the park. Watering holes at rivers or dams are especially well populated during the early mornings and at sunset, as this is when the animals from all over come to quench their thirst. Most bush retreats in the Kruger Park provide views or accommodation that has views over these watering places in order to provide their guests with the best wildlife experience possible.

At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, we also believe that anybody who spends money on bush retreats to the Kruger Park should be able to encounter as many exciting viewings as possible. This is why we have built our entire establishment on high ground with a deck overlooking the river and bush below. This means that wherever our guests are, they will have a superb view of the wildlife and nature around them.

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is situated within the Kruger National Park and is within easy reach of one of the main gates. Guests who enjoy bush retreats to the Kruger Park can enter here and spend their time with us and experience many different delights along the way. We provide various activities, including game drives by expert guides and trackers, which ensures that our guests have a good chance of spotting elusive wildlife, birds, and even insects. Our guests also love to take part in the hikes we offer. These are conducted by guides who are very well versed in the local fauna and flora, so they can provide delightful snippets of information about the local species.

If you are looking for the perfect place to stay during your bush retreats in the Kruger Park, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call today.