Glowing Review

“Lukimbi Safari Lodge was the highlight of our visit to South Africa. Even before we arrived, we were delighted with the personal attention we received. Our flight was delayed and we thought we would miss our first game drive. But our driver kept Sean, the manager, updated on our expected arrival. Sean rearranged the game drive groups, holding our ranger back to wait for us so we didn’t miss our first drive. Our ranger Brendan, and tracker Terel, we’re so friendly and knowledgeable. We learned about animal behavior, how to identify footprints, and even plants and constellations. They were as excited to spot the animals as if it was their first time too. The rangers work together, so that if an elusive animal was spotted the other jeeps could rush over and try to see. Because Lukimbi is a private concession, we did not have to deal with crowds making viewing difficult. The location of the lodge meant that we got to see a Buffalo hanging out by the stream behind the lodge, and a kudu just outside our room.”

“The staff at Lukimbi was outstanding. They addressed us by our first names, and we knew their names too. We felt like family. The lodge has only 16 rooms, allowing for lots of personal attention. The food was excellent. And there were lots of little touches that added to the experience. From blankets and hot water bottles for the cold morning drives, to snacks and drinks in the bush, we were well cared for. If you are visiting Kruger, Lukimbi is the place to be.”

Thanks you so much, LaurenKC19, for your wonderful review on TripAdvisor!

(2023-06-18, Review Rating: 100%)

A Blind Safari Experience!

A blind safari experience!

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about my first safari for a blind guest, but I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself as a guide, to expand my comfort zone and also to focus more on your surroundings and senses. It makes you realise that seeing the animals is not always the key to going and doing a safari, it is the smell of the bush, the sounds around you and the touch as well.  It’s an all sensory experience.

I had a couple of quiet days prior the guest’s arrival at Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the Southern part of the Kruger National Park.  I used these days just to listen and focus on my surroundings, closing my eyes while driving with other guides, just to imagine what it must be like to explore the bush without sight.  It was rather difficult for the first couple of hours or so, but I focused on touch, smell and hearing.  It’s going to be a challenge and I had to think very hard as to how I could create but importantly, achieve a fulfilling, stimulating and successful safari like all the other drives I’ve done before.

My guests arrived at the lodge and it was time for the adventure to begin!

We stopped next to a herd of Impalas and listened as they were chewing on some of the drier leaves and grass.   In a very soft “ewe” sound, the ewes were calling their lambs. In the distance there was a Swainson’s Spurfowls raucous “krraae-krraae-krraae” call coming from a tree not to far behind the impalas.  Kudus also joined the impala and we could hardly hear them walk past our vehicle as they carefully placed the hind foot exactly where they placed their front foot, in order to eliminate sound – which they definitely succeeded in. “Are we driving in a western direction now?”  The guest asked me as we continued with our afternoon drive.  I confirmed that it was correct which he responded with a smile:  “I can feel the warm afternoon sun, shining on my face.”

We approached a dry waterhole on the concession and I stopped the vehicle.  “Reach out to the left.” I told him and I got out of the vehicle.  Slowly he reached out and started feeling the smooth surface.  “Almost like a polished smooth surface” he said.  I explained to him that he was touching a fallen Leadwood that became a rubbing post to rhinos and other animals.  As they mud wallow they look for a log, tree or rock that they can use to rub their muddy bodies against and from the continued rubbing against the object, the surface becomes smooth.  He could also feel little bumps on the post, which we explained was dead ticks that came from the rhino as it was rubbing against the post.

A big old Marula tree right next to the road.  I stopped and let him touch the trunk of the Marula Tree.  He could feel the distinctive circular discs on the bark, a way that the marula tree is easily recognisable and he also felt a part of the trunk was smooth.  The smooth part was the area where the tree got damaged by Elephants as they were peeling of the bark to gain access to the cambium layer which comprises the vascular tissue of the tree.  This is where the tree transports water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves of the tree. Sometimes it happens that when the elephants remove the bark, they also ring bark the tree and it then dies, but in this case, the tree managed to repair itself and the scars could be felt clearly.  We touched a couple of different trees, like the knobs from the Knob Thorn, the softness, almost toilet paper soft leaves from the African Weeping-wattle and we tasted the bitterness of the Magic quarri (because of the high tannin level in the leaves) when we were making tooth brushes.  While busy explaining a bit about the Magic quarri, my tracker spotted movement between the top branches… none other that a big Flap-neck chameleon.  I broke off a small branch from the quarri and held it towards the chameleon, allowing it to climb onto my branch and handed it to the guest.  He could feel the weight of the chameleon on the branch he was holding, and it gave him an idea how big it was.  We slowly and carefully placed the branch back into the bush, where the chameleon safely climbed off and slowly disappeared deeper into the quarri.

Suddenly, a roar in the distance!

It was starting to become dusk and we could feel the cooler autumn air against our skin as we were heading into the direction that we heard the lions roar. Obviously a sound you wish every guest can experience but not always able to accomplish.  And there they were, lying in the riverbed. Females, cubs and two beautiful dark maned male lions.  On our arrival, one of the females suddenly got up and started walking into our direction.  25m away from us, 15m… 10m…5m I counted down so that the guest understood why the footsteps and breathing of the lioness could be easily heard and also assuring him that we were safe. She stopped in front of us. Then, the moment I hoped for!  Both males in the riverbed, right in front of our vehicle started roaring at the same time! The lioness joined, where at this time she was at the back of our vehicle.  There we were, surrounded by the largest African carnivores, roaring like never before. A sound you feel vibrating in your bones.  I looked at the guest and he was smiling. In the days prior their arrival, I was able to make a mould of the track of a male lion we spotted close to camp, using Plaster of Paris.  As the lions moved off that got so close to us. Huge male lion track is almost the same size as a humans hand.

The early evening sounds were entertaining us as we stopped for sundowners.  Orange-pink skies were visible on the horizon as the Bubbling Kassinas and the White-faced Whistling Ducks were singing from the big pan. With the assurance that everything was fine and we were safe, we listened as a big herd of Elephants made their appearance at the pan.  Splashing and drinking water. An odour followed.  A rich, wet, earthy smell, almost like land after first rain.  That was the wet mud on their bodies and the water they splashed on them to cool down. We could hear a rumbling sound, produced by the vocal chords and amplified by the upper region of the trunk – it’s the Matriarch telling the rest of the family its time to go. The faint noise of their footsteps could be heard as the giants disappeared into the darkness. Another successful day in the bush ended with the characteristic night sounds of Fiery-necked Nightjars, whistling, ‘good lord, deliiiiver us.

The guest summed up his experience as, “Silent Appreciation!!”

Christa Bohmer

Lukimbi Under Lock Down

When our President declared a state of disaster and the Covid 19 made its presence known throughout the world, we took a very difficult decision to close Lukimbi for the month of April until things settled down.  Little did we anticipate how long it would take for “things to settle down “.

So far, the lodge has been closed since 27 March but that hasn’t meant that everything has come to a grinding halt, certainly not for Sean, Shelley and Reece who were the only people left on the property.   Level 5 was very difficult for them, they had to see to the closure of the lodge the last staff members left on the afternoon of the 25th March to ensure they managed to return to their homes in time for the lockdown to commence. All windows and doors were locked and secured and all the furniture was covered to protect it making the public areas rather ghostly. 


With everything closed, the only part of the lodge left open and working was the manager’s office, and the fridges and freezers.  However, mother nature then decided that life was too quiet for the family and she unleashed a mini tornedo on the night of the 26th March which tore through the concession,

In the space of fifteen minutes, trees had been uprooted, roofs had been damaged and walk ways smashed.   The damage was fairly extensive and Sean was alone to try and clear up the mess left behind. – what a way to start lockdown.

Although through the doom and gloom, as time passed they had to check the concession to ensure there were no issues, and have been blessed with a number of glorious sightings, including the various wonderful general game Lukimbi has to offer, but a beautiful sighting of a Female cheetah with 3 cubs on Lukimbi Plains, and the heyana’s were back at their den site, and as curious as ever.   

Once level 4 was introduced, life became a bit more bearable.  We were able to bring in 7 other members of staff,   And so the repairs and maintenance of the whole lodge commenced. 

Since then our maintenance team made up of Stranger, Doctor and Sipho, Arie, Cindy and Kaitlyn have been really busy, not only did they have to clear all the broken trees, from across boardwalks, they have been able to get some vital maintenance done in areas, not always so easy to overhaul while guests are in camp.

Cindy and Kaitlyn have spent the last 3 weeks busy in the kitchen, giving it a complete makeover, sanding, repairing and repainting almost all of the kitchen areas, even the fridges have had a new touch of paint to give them a new lease of life…. A job well done ladies…

The tree over the boardwalk and those snapped in half in front of the rooms, proved a challenge to be moved, but with the heavy machinery and with Reece’s supervision, another job well done and was a good workout for all those involved. 

Although we haven’t allowed them to stop there, we’ve so far managed to give the main lodge pool area an overhaul, and this is almost done with the decks, all being fixed up, and re varnished to make them look as good as new again.  Now the project to scrubbing the pool itself is starting in earnest…. Watch this space…

With all the hard work going on around the lodge, there has been some down time and bonding of the staff, they have been able to go on some drives to check the concession which need to be done on a regular basis to ensure there are no problems, and a perfect opportunity for those staff members that don’t ordinarily get to enjoy the location they work in as much as others. 

A friendly game of cricket was had, and Kaitlyn and Arie proved to be very handy with a bat, and to finish the night off a nice social braai was enjoyed by all. 

There has been a constant stream of visitors, obviously curious as to why there were no guests and very little activity around the grounds.  The elephants were the first to arrive.  They stood across the river looking and watching what was happening in the lodge. 

As the days passed and the concession has gotten drier, without much rain for some time the next visitors were a  large herd of buffalo coming down to drink at the river and then George the resident hippo made his return to the lodge River… and to admire the lilies in there too.  An old friend, the leopard tortoise who has lived in grounds for a long time, came up on to the lounge deck to admire the view and to check if anything was being served in the dining room.  

Even the elephants were back at the entrance gate waiting for our guests to admire them. 

The Lukimbi team along with them are waiting for the day we can welcome our much-missed guests again in the not too distant future, until that time we hope you are staying safe….

Where to See the Big 5 South Africa

Where Is the Best Place to Stay to See the Big 5 in South Africa?

It is regularly voted as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and when one considers the vast array of landscapes and abundance of natural wonders, it is absolutely no wonder that South Africa has always mesmerised visitors – and continues to do so. One of the biggest attractions when it comes to wildlife is, without a doubt, the world-famous Big 5: the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros. So, if you are on a quest to see these majestic creatures, where would be the best place to go?

While this narrows it down – you now have a country, a region, and a game reserve to focus on – it’s still important to note that the Kruger National Park in South Africa is almost the same size as the entire Wales in the UK. If you want to see the Big 5, you would probably want to commit to more than only a 1-day visit. This means you should also consider where to stay while on your African safari in the bush.

Thankfully, this last question is an easy one to answer. If you’re planning an overnight trip to the Kruger National Park to see the Big 5 and want to enjoy a Bushveld adventure of the highest calibre in South Africa, you’d definitely want to book your accommodation at Lukimbi Safari Lodge. It’s where opulent luxury and true African hospitality meet.

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is located in the easily accessible southern part of the Kruger National Park and offers guests a range of luxury suites, decadent fine dining, and opulent spa treatments. Furthermore, bookings also include private game drives and guided bush walks can be arranged for those who want to get up close and personal with nature.

So remember, if you’re wondering where to see the Big 5 in South Africa, your first choice should, without a doubt, be the 5-star Lukimbi Safari Lodge. Contact us to make a booking. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and treating you to a magical African safari that you’ll never forget.

Game Drive Kruger Park

6 Essential Tips Before Going on a Game Drive in the Kruger National Park

The fragrant smell of the Bushveld. The warm African sun on your skin. The open savannah calling you to explore. The thrill of spotting wildlife as you round a corner. There are very few adventures which are as exciting as a game drive and there is nowhere better to do it than at the magnificent Kruger National Park in South Africa – the most popular and one of the largest nature reserves on the African continent

Buffalo and Oxpecker

Here are six essential tips to help assure you have an excellent experience if this is your first time going on a game drive in the Kruger National Park:

  1. Choose the time of year carefully. The Kruger National Park’s landscape is more lush and green during summer (November to March), which is absolutely beautiful. However, this could also obstruct the view of the animals. Winter vegetation is sparser and the wildlife is easier to spot while congregating around the dwindling waterholes.
  • Get an early start. If you want the best chance to spot local wildlife, make sure you go on an early-morning game drive. Not only is this a great time to catch a glimpse of some of the more elusive creatures but the crisp air is an experience that is well worth the effort.
  • Pack sun protection. The last thing you want is for your safari adventure to be cut short or spoilt by sunburn or heatstroke. The African sun can be harsh, even in winter, so make sure you pack some sunscreen, a sun hat to protect your head and neck, and sunglasses.
  • Wear neutral colours. Avoid brightly coloured clothing when going on a game drive. You want to blend in and not startle any animals while out and about. Ultimately, you want to be able to get as close as possible to them.
  • Take a camera. Visiting the Kruger National Park is an unforgettable experience. Yet, there are also bound to be magical moments you’d want to capture. Bring a camera with you or make sure your mobile phone can take decent photos and is fully charged.
  • Make sure you are accompanied by a professional guide. A professional guide is trained to spot animals where others won’t spot a thing. They know the area and understand the behaviour of the animals. When you book your stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park, your luxury accommodation includes a daily game drive in the morning and afternoon with our top guides.

Contact us to secure your booking.

Big 5 Game Drives

Discover the Best Place to Stay for Unforgettable Big 5 Game Drives

For most people, simply hearing the words “Kruger National Park” conjures up magical images of expansive African planes, breathtaking natural landscapes and majestic wildlife, in particular the world-famous Big 5 which are the African buffalo, African elephant, leopard, lion and, of course, the rhino. These are the highlight of any safari journey and the reason why so many people from around the globe flock to South Africa for a chance to join the exciting game drives that would give them a glimpse of these incredible beasts.

If this is your first time planning a safari trip to the Kruger National Park – or even your very first safari ever – rest assured that you can relax in utmost luxury while experiencing the African bush in all its glory. The beautiful Lukimbi Safari Lodge can be found within South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park and offers the very best in excellent, elegant and luxurious accommodation. This makes it a top choice for the ultimate safari holiday experience, and the ideal accommodation for your initiation into Big 5 game drives.

From the moment you arrive at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, you will know that you are in the heart of the African wilderness. We have taken every care to create an experience that totally immerses you in nature, while you still experience the ultimate luxury. The rooms feature high windows and private decks to provide you with a direct connection to nature. All bookings also include a selection of Big 5 game drives to get you even closer to the countless wonderful animals and birds that surround you.

Our friendly staff and professional safari guides are on hand to ensure you receive the best experience possible from your Big 5 game drives. From your side, to make the most of your experience, you cannot go wrong with a comfortable pair of walking boots, some cool clothing for daytime drives and a warm jacket for night-time excursions, as well as sunscreen and a hat for protection against the African sun.

It’s not all just Big 5 game drives though. You can also indulge in some exquisite fine dining at our on-site restaurant or pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Contact Lukimbi Safari Lodge today to book your Big 5 game drives – and get ready for a luxury African wildlife experience of a lifetime.

Private Game Reserve

It’s All in the Details: The Best Private Game Reserve Experience

Africa, and South Africa in particular, boasts an incredible natural landscape with majestic wildlife roaming the breathtakingly beautiful countryside. From the world-renowned Big 5 – the buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and rhino – to hundreds upon hundreds of bird species, its riches know no boundaries. With so much abundance, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury safari destinations. However, do not for one second think that all safari lodges are created equal. If you want a private game reserve experience of a lifetime, the key is in the details.

Take a closer look at the private game reserve experience Lukimbi Safari Lodge offers, and see what a big difference paying attention to the most minute details makes:

  • The Rooms Are Exceptional

Each of our spacious rooms comes with their own viewing decks, high windows, and modern bathrooms overlooking the trees and river in the private game reserve to make you feel closer to nature, and the Premier Suites even have their own private splash pools.

  • The Lodge Offers So Much More Than Accommodation

There are plenty of opportunities to relax. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage at the spa. Sit back in the beautiful lounge that overlooks the river where animals often come to drink. Or, lose yourself in a book in the lodge’s library.

  • Food Is Not Just Food

Sit down to a meal fit for a king. Enjoy world-class fine dining with beautifully prepared, delicious meals served in the restaurant overlooking the pristine veld. Seating in the restaurant and deck is changed often so that guests can enjoy different views at different times.

  • Only the Best Wine Will Do

Our lodge has an award-winning wine list so that you can enjoy the absolute best wines with your meal, or while sitting in the warm and inviting bar area. Or, maybe you want a bottle for the room while you celebrate a special occasion…

  • Exceptional Excursions

Different animals are active at different times of the day, so our lodge offers game drives both in the early morning and in the afternoon. Want to get closer to nature? Join a guided bush walk through our private part of the game reserve to experience the finer detail nature has to offer.

If you are dreaming of a private game reserve getaway, make sure it is an experience you will remember. Contact Lukimbi Safari Lodge for more information and reserve your spot today.

Game Drives

How to Make the Most of Your Game Drives in the Kruger National Park

One of the most desirable safari destinations in the world is the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Every year, thousands of people flock to this reserve to experience wild African animals in their natural surroundings. Here, you can find the Big 5 – the most elusive of all African animal species, namely the rhino, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and lion. In between game drives, you can also make use of wonderful accommodation options at the rest camps that are strategically placed throughout the reserve. One of the most sought-after lodges in the area is Lukimbi Safari Lodge, which offers unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Game drives can be difficult and tiring if you are not prepared for them. While many people choose self-drive, the best game viewing can be experienced if you are fully prepared. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, our vehicles are specially adapted to maximise visibility, and the guides and trackers who conduct these drives are often in touch with other game vehicles in the surroundings. This enables them to inform each other about the locations of interesting and unusual sightings, such as killings or large animals.

If you are planning a trip to the Kruger Park with a difference, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is the place to be! We are located on a private concession in the Kruger National Park, which allows us access to areas where the general public is not allowed. This vastly enhances your game viewing experience, as the animal life here is more abundant.

If you are serious about experiencing the thrill of encountering a variety of rare animals in their natural surroundings, you need to organise safari drives that are conducted by our experienced guides. Not only do we provide you with a vehicle that is specifically adapted to increase your visual range to spot animals, but we also provide you with experienced and trained guides to lead your game drives through the reserve. This means that you are much more likely to encounter the animals you are looking for during your drive!

In addition to our game drives, we also offer premier accommodation and delectable food. Our romantic suites are specifically appointed for privacy and relaxation, and all our suites have their own game-watching decks overlooking the riverbed below. We also have one of the most impressive wine lists in the area that includes award-winning local and international wines to enjoy with your delicious cuisine of choice.

For more information about our well-managed wildlife drives, contact our team to book your trip!

Book a Private Game Drive Kruger Park

Why You Should Book a Private Game Drive in the Kruger Park

One of the most sought-after safari destinations in Africa is the Kruger National Park. It contains a wide array of African wildlife in their natural habitat, including the famous Big 5. Other attractions include the natural setting and the safari lodges in the area. Some of these lodges are situated on private concessions in and around the reserve. Visitors who want to have a truly unique experience choose to book a private game drive in the Kruger Park, rather than doing a self-drive safari.

The Kruger Park is state-owned, which means that the accommodation and park rules are standardised. Game viewing is restricted to the reliable network of routes and roads throughout the park, and strict rules and procedures have to be followed by everyone who chooses to self-drive.

Because the concessions in and around the reserve are privately owned, they are not bound by the state restrictions and some of the game viewing regulations. Those who want to have a truly unique experience simply have to book a private game drive in the Kruger Park. These game drives are usually conducted by experienced guides and trackers who know the reserve very well, and have in-depth knowledge of the animals in the area and where they are likely to be located. Trackers and guides from the various concessions are also often in radio contact and inform each other of good sightings, which vastly increases the chances of visitors being able to view rarely seen animals.

Another reason to book a private game drive is that these concessions tend to have an open-gate agreement with each other and the Kruger Park, which means that there is more territory to explore, as private game drives are allowed in areas where self-drive visitors are not allowed to enter. This makes the entire experience more exclusive and enjoyable.

Those who choose to book into one of the lodges on the concessions enjoy private game drives as part of their stay. Our establishment is plush and luxurious, and our guests love the benefits of being in a luxurious setting in the Kruger Park. The cuisine and accommodation on offer here are top class, and the ambience of our lodge is hard to beat.

If you want to book a private game drive in the Kruger Park, give our friendly team a call today.